How To Hang Led Light Strips In Bedroom?

With their versatile and energy-saving qualities, RGB LED Strip Lights are becoming more popular nowadays. They can produce vibrant colors (reds green blues) in the form of a spectrum that anyone would enjoy viewing from any location at home or office. It also has water resistance for outdoor use as well so you don’t have to worry about installing them inside because they’ll be able to withstand harsh weather conditions outside like rain or snow too.

If you’re looking for a way to add some extra light into your home – whether it’s on an office desk or living room table- then these LED strips are perfect. These 30″ long pieces can be cut down in size so they suit any space needs while also providing bright white color that will make every corner of the room seem more spacious.

For example, you can place them under cabinets or around the back of furniture if you need light there and not just on the floor. Simply unplug the old light that is already in that area and use these strips instead to provide lighting for those hard-to-reach spaces. They are flexible so you don’t have to worry about struggling while trying to get them into that location.

Features Of Led Lightning

Color Temperature

The higher the Kelvin rating of your installation and light bulb mixture is – meaning how cool or warm it appears/illuminates- will let you know if they complement each other well in terms of hue without any overbearingness when installed together before deciding where on our homes’ surfaces these strips should go so that their desired look could shine through best.

Power Supply

Before you make your purchase be sure that the wattage per meter or foot meets both our needs and expectations; if not then it may cause problems in lighting up a room properly because some wires will have brighter ends while other parts get barely any illumination at best from these strips (or 24 volts). The result: unevenly glowing LEDs that can’t produce quite enough brightness for certain tasks such as reading books by candlelight (not attractive) or drawing (okay).

Light Brightness

A high-quality light should provide at least 450 lm/ft (1500lpm) which is equivalent to traditional T8 fluorescent lamps’ output when placed side by side; generally speaking this means that if you buy an “E26” sized Edison Screw 600watt type soft white-coated bulb it would produce 1800 Lumens in a 90-watt power draw.

With that much brightness, you can see exactly what the LED strip is capable of from anywhere around your room whether it’s an office desk or living room table. If you have a darker-lit space then you need to pick up some brighter strips so your home interior can really shine when finished putting them together.


The standard density of 30 LED/M and the brighter upgrade with double that number, 60 LEDs per meter. The more light you’re looking for in your home or office space; it’s clear which option is best suited just as every individual requires their own type of illumination depending on what they need to do at night time when outside lighting isn’t available such as reading by a lamp before bedtime without having any bothersome brightness intruding onto one’s sleep patterns.

The main difference between these two types is not only how bright each strip appears but also its thickness: thicker stripes offer stronger directional signals so if I am working late hours away from city lights then going dimmer might actually be the way to go.

Temperature Rating

LED strip lights come in a variety of temperature ratings, from as low as -20 degrees Fahrenheit to as high as 122 degrees Fahrenheit. There are also those with no rating at all because they fall somewhere between those two temperate extremes. When picking out the best products for each installation location you will now need to make sure the temperature rating is adequate for where you are using them, if it’s too low then certain components will start experiencing damage due to excessive coldness while simultaneously being very uncomfortable during long hours of operation time after time.


There are many ways to control your LED lights. You can use dimmers, which adjust only the light’s brightness; Controllers let you choose colors and speeds for different moods or activities (like dancing); Motion sensors turn them off when they approach too closely.


How to hang led light strips in the bedroom?

Led strip lights can be installed in many different locations, but if you are hanging them on the wall of your bedroom (recommended), I recommend attaching them to the top of your headboard. This way, the light will shine upwards and not directly into your eyes when you’re lying down trying to sleep. LED strips can also be installed under the bed frame.

Additionally, led strip lights can be installed in between your nightstands and beneath the desk in front of them to give light to your space while you are reading or working on late-night projects. This will create a “bokeh” effect which creates depth in an image just like the name of this cool photographic technique.

How to connect LED strip lights?

Connecting the led light strips is quite easy. Each set of lights has an input and output so you can daisy chain them together with ease. For example, if you want one continuous string of lights around your entire room, you would need to know how many feet long each section is, then plug the first strip into the next, and so on. This way you can have a sleek design that runs around your entire room.

What is the maximum length for these LED strip lights?

LED strip lights are a great and easy way to add some extra light anywhere you need it. They’re perfect for adding an evening ambiance in your living room, bedroom or any other area that needs more illumination than just one simple standard bulb can provide.

Well, there’s always 24 volts available if 20 meters isn’t enough – but don’t go over this distance because then the brightness will decrease too much due to low voltage drops across each LED segment which makes these inventions work by creating different shades instead of one homogeneous shade of light.


LED strip lights are a great option to add some extra light to your desired locations. They’re easy to install, look beautiful and they provide an excellent way of enhancing the existing illumination in your room.

After exploring different possibilities on how to use LED strip lights, here are some amazing ideas to help you choose the best option for your home or office. It is recommended that you check with local authorities before installing them in any location near power lines so there isn’t an accident. For example, having these lights installed underneath a bridge could cause serious injury to anyone arriving under the bridge.


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