Best Led Light Strips For Tv Reviews 2022

The great advantage of purchasing LED light strips for your television set is the fact that led lights are energy-efficient and very bright. But, you need to understand what led lights can offer you in terms of brightness and usage before you purchase them. You can always pay more for a set with brighter LEDs but there’s no way of telling whether or not those additional dollars spent will produce a better-looking picture on your screen. In order to avoid this dilemma, we’ve put together our list of the best-led light strips for tv sets.

It’s no secret that a room is only as impressive and warm-looking on the inside if it has bright, state of art lighting. And with LED strip lights you can have this without breaking your budget. These little electronic wonders will make any space come alive in ways previously unimaginable–especially when they’re used for that all-important kitchen countertop or backlighting projects we’ve seen so many people rave about lately.

From undercabinet illumination to recessed installations; there really isn’t an area these thin strips don’t shine their beautiful light into beautifully every time. LED’s have quickly become a standard in interior decoration and some would say that they’re the best lighting source for TVs, especially when it comes to home theater installations.

Top Picks For Led Light Strips For Tv


The TV LED backlight comes with 4096 DIY colors and 8 levels of brightness that can increase ambient light to reduce the contrast between your screen and dark environments. 6 dynamic flashing modes provide a better visual experience, bringing a colorful home theater into every room in your house. This is a sleek and stylish sleep mode. It has the orange ambient light, so it’s easy for you to find in dimly lit rooms – no more looking around trying not to notice that your TV screen is still on.

The auto-off function will shut down once thirty minutes have passed or if someone moves too far away from their device while watching something uninterrupted on Netflix. The BASON TV Backlight is a portable backlit that operates at 5V and powers through your television’s USB port. You can turn it on or off with most models in sync, making this an easy choice for those who want to go outdoors easily. The light isn’t waterproof but doesn’t get too hot either – perfect for what you need from one device.

With its 8.2FT television backlight, the led strip is long enough to light up every side of your TV and can be easily installed behind it using adhesive that will hold strong for about 10 hours without coming apart or peeling off too much so you don’t have any worries about hurting yourself when installing them.

  • Great price.
  • High-quality product.
  • The adhesive is very strong so if you are not careful to install it, it can hurt you.

Govee Immersion TV LED Backlights with Camera

You can use voice commands like Alexa or Google Assistant for simple, hands-free control of lighting preferences such as moods (video mode) colors via their Home app which comes with more features than ever before including timer scheduling.

With 99+ scene modes, 2 video game-changing features (including rain mode), your gaming & viewing experience will never be the same again. You can also save other people’s DIY styles from Gove’s Light Studio for all their creative needs in one place – it’s like digital scrapbooking on steroids.

  • It has a long strip that provides good lighting for your TV.
  • The price is reasonable.
  • Its installation can be hard.

PANGTON VILLA Led Strip Lights 6.56ft for 40-60in TV USB Backlight Kit with Remote-16 Color 5050 Bias HDTV

The 78.7in / 2m 5050 LED tv led is a perfect enhancement to any room and can also be used in gaming rooms or other larger spaces where illumination may not cover the entire surface area of an installation due to its shape-based nature (although we recommend measuring first). This product has 40 – 60 inch dimensions allowing you great flexibility when deciding how big it should be for each application; just plug these bad boys into any HDMI input on our compatible TVs below.

The perfect mood light for home theater lovers, the Reading lamp can improve image clarity and relieve eye fatigue. Bring a dose of entertainment into your living space with this amazing device. Introducing the latest in wireless remote-controlled lighting technology. This 24 key LED light strip is easy for anyone to install and dimmable with four different modes: static color display; an interactive brightness cycler that cycles through 15 colors, or full-on white at your discretion (perfect when you’re trying not only spotlight but also soften hardwood floors).

The controller creates no electromagnetic interference so it won’t bother any electronics nearby – even if they are on standby mode because there will be zero signal dropouts like other brands often do while sending signals upstairs or down hallways Introducing Remote Control Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Wall Sconce Replacement LEDs by IdealChoice Lights.

  • It has a decent quality.
  • The price is reasonable.
  • Its power cord does not come separately so you have to buy it additionally.

LED Strip Light Miume 9.8Ft Music TV Led Backlight for 14-47 inch TV

Watching TV in the dark causes your eyes to constantly adjust between a bright screen and a darker area. This is bad for you because it can cause eyestrain, headaches, or even migraines.

Viewing videos using computer monitors without adjusting settings could lead us into serious trouble with our health; this fact has been proven time after again around the world since many people are sensitive viewers of these types of images (and especially if they’re sitting too close). When there’s little light coming from either side then everything appears much brighter than expected while simultaneously taking in light around the edges of the screen.

These lights are made to fit any car or truck, and they offer enough brightness for night driving. The 5V charge takes about 3 hours but can last up to 10 minutes in total darkness before it needs another boost of power. Not only do these come equipped with short circuit protection so you don’t lose your ride when installing them wrong (you should always double-check), there’s also an easy removal feature that will allow users who want something other than static backlighting during daytime conditions plenty of options as well.

  • It has a decent quality.
  • The price is reasonable.
  • Not durability.

Nexillumi LED Lights for TV 60-75 Inch

The new upgraded model of the TV is designed for those who have TVs that are larger than 56 inches. The backlight has brighter LED units with purer RGB colors, but the mixed white light from this tv is much whiter and doesn’t give an unfamiliar gradient chasing effect as in previous generations which makes viewing easier on your eyes without strain.

The Nexillumi TV is a brand new way to have your favorite shows delivered right on the wall with an app and remote. You can control it from anywhere too. Just make sure you turn in those permissions before using so they know what information will be needed for this device’s features, like listening/viewing music or tracking location through gyroscope motion sensors.

With corner-friendly cords, installation is easier and your light strip can bend at corners without having to break the strips. All in one kit comes with 1x IR remote as well as 5V powered USB cable for charging devices from anywhere: 16ft long + 13 ft connecting cords (3 feet each). It also includes upgraded red-backed 3M adhesive tapes that you use in places where want more of an attachment.

  • It has a decent quality.
  • The price is reasonable.
  • Its customer service is poor according to some reviews by customers.

Govee Smart Light Bars

The smart light bars provide a stylish and more ambient viewing experience for your home theater. They add depth of color to the decor, which is great if you want an impressive video system in your house. The KAWHO V2 Plus features four different scene modes to help you create the atmosphere of your choice. With each mode displaying colorful lights and effects, it’s easy for one to get lost in their own world as they are equally captivated by what is displayed before them on screen.

Choose between four modes (Vivid – for enhanced colors and clarity; Rhythm Mode to create an immersive experience when viewing sports events) to suit any mood.

Now you can enjoy the transforming experience of watching art pieces from a whole new perspective with this stylish watch. With features like customizable colors and light effects, as well as music modes that will change how your listening habits have been forever changed for good.

  • Durable.
  • Poor quality.


Are LED light strips safe?

LED light strips are safe as long as they’re installed and operated according to the manufacturer’s instructions. For example, indoor lights shouldn’t be installed outside (unless water-resistant), some lights should not get wet, or else their lifespan will decrease drastically in quality- so make sure you read carefully before installing.

How long can you run LED light strips?

LED light strips are an innovative way to provide your home with plenty of light. They come in many colors, shapes, and sizes so you can transform any room into the perfect atmosphere without using electricity. The lights on these products don’t just look beautiful – they last for hours at a time without getting hot or shutting off completely like other types of bulbs do.

 Do LED light strips to have to be plugged in to work?

The Christmas lights you love to work in the dark will be a thing of the past if they don’t have an LED light strip. We found one battery-operated cordless model, but it only measured 16 inches long and was too short for most rooms.

How do you install LED strip lights?

LED strip lights are a great way to add light wherever you need them. They come with strong adhesives and cutting marks in the strips, which is necessary for varying lengths of installation. To install them on your wall or anywhere else simply cut through these markings depending on how much illumination each LED will provide; then paste up against any surface using their special glue-like substance – once done so plugging everything into a power source makes all those little LEDs flash away happily while giving off more than enough brightness needed during night time hours.

Buying Guide

Location of Use

The LED light strips are a great way to create the perfect lighting for any room in your home. Decide where you want this before choosing which product will work best, as some designs come with specific purposes like stairway or television backlighting that may require different features than what is available on an average strip. For example, these specialty products often have pre-cut pieces so they can be fitted easily without much hassle and offer sync options customized just for TVs – changing color based on what’s happening inside them.


The variety of light strips available is vast, with options that range from 1 foot to 32 feet in length. The brightness and intended purpose usually correlate to their size as well; LED lights for television backlighting or stairs will be shorter than a strip meant just for general illumination purposes because installation becomes easier at these shorter lengths.

They come with an assortment of colors and styles, so you can find one that suits both your personal style as well as what it is exactly that you need lighting for.


LED lights are the answer to all your nighttime lighting needs. They come in many different shapes and sizes, but one thing that they have in common is their flexibility; light strips can be bent around corners or run over curved surfaces without damaging the circuit board. Some of these flexible products even feature motion sensors which make them perfect for illuminating stairs as you climb up each step with no problem at all.


LEDs are the future of lighting, and LED light strips can provide some amazing features for your home or business. Keep reading to learn more about LM (lumens per meter), brightness ratings in lumens per foot based on density measurements from 30 LEDs/meter(9) up to 60 each foot.

Color and Color Temperature

The color of a light strip is critical to keep in mind. Some strips come only with one option, while others can have millions and even custom colors for your preference. There are so many choices out there that you may find yourself overwhelmed by all the possibilities- but don’t worry because I’m here to help make this decision easier for you.


For those of you interested in getting LED strip lights for your home, I have a few recommendations. First off, the most important thing to remember is that these light strips need to be plugged into a power source at all times- which means that they can’t be placed anywhere near or on anything with a low ceiling because it won’t allow enough height for an adequate plug.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you should always read up on the product’s capacity before deciding if it will work well for your intended purpose; area lighting might require brighter bulbs than what would be required for television backlighting since you’ll want to see everything clearly from across the room.


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