Best LED Light strip Reviews 2022

RGB LED Strip Lights to have advanced features that will make your home cinema experience the best it has ever been but also keep up with today’s changes by not being limited only for indoor purposes which is something many people want nowadays when they’re looking into buying these types of products because there isn’t always room anymore for everything on shelves so having options outside helps us stay organized while still getting good results no matter where we plan our installation.

They take up your space with their design, illuminating it in unique ways like hanging over gaps or small electronic appliances such as TV’s refrigerator PC, etc., these cool lights do come equipped with features like remote control smartphone app navigation enabling hassle-free functioning without having wires popping out everywhere.

Top Picks For Best LED Light strip

Govee LED Strip Lights

Whether you are looking to jazz up your dinner table or make a splash at the party, these LED strips can do both. Now with 16 different colors of light available on-demand-including traditional RGB and 6 DIY custom colors, spice things up any way that suits you. The remote range can be controlled from 32ft away with an easy-to-use remote control box that has 6 brightness settings for any type or size room in your home.

There are 50k hour LED light strips so you’ll never have a dimmer moment again- perfect when coupled by good old-fashioned voice-activated Alexa integration too. This year, illuminate your home with bright and colorful lighting to make it feel like a party. With 2 rolls of strip lights (16.4ft each) stretching up to 32.8 feet long you’ll find it easy enough for larger spaces such as living rooms or bedrooms in order add some charm during the holidays season when friends come over; these will also be perfect if there is going be movie night.

Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or not, our lighting is sure to shine bright. Our strong adhesive will hold your lights securely in place on any dry clean surface. Plus with cuttable strips that can be custom trimmed by anyone looking for extra durability and stability – it doesn’t get much better than this.

  • Easy to use.
  • Nice length.
  • Cheaply made.
  • Bad customer service.

LED Strip Light 65.6ft, LED Lights for Bedroom

LED Strip Light 65.6ft, LED Lights for Bedroom, Music Sync Color Changing Light Smart Light Bluetooth Strip Lights RGB Tape Light Strip for TV, Bedroom, Home Decoration, Rope Lights

If you are looking for a party or event decor, this is a great product choice since not only does sound change color but also intensity too- giving off an amazing effect when lit up at night feathered out across rooms (or walls).

The LED Strips Lights are a fun and unique way to bring color changes into any room. With the IC chip embedded in each strip, you can control brightness as well as change colors at will. You’ll never be bored with this product again thanks to its dimmable nature that allows 25%, 50%, or 75%” light output from your remote controller when needed most (which means fewer headaches).

LED strips can be used as a decoration for your home. We recommend them in particular spaces such as the dining room, bedroom, and kitchen. They’re great gifts too – perfect to give those on their list during any holiday or event season (we especially like using these at Christmas).

The best thing about this product? Simplicity: Just clean up the surface upon which it will adhere; stick it power up, And there is no additional step needed when employing LED light strips into decorating purposes around one’s- self–especially nice if you want something that looks good without making you sweat.

  • Comes with a controller
  • Easy to put up.
  • Not durable enough.

Lepro 50ft LED Strip Light

If you’re looking for an efficient way to light up your room, then Lepro strips are a perfect choice. With 30 LEDs per meter and instant on/off capability with no need for batteries or power cords; they can provide bright lighting in any situation. Color Changing Strip Lights: The LED strip lights provide the primary colors of red, green, and blue (RGB) to help you create an attractive atmosphere in your home.

They allow for 6 DIY colors that come with 8 different modes; giving them endless potential when it comes time to decorate. With brightness adjustments so users can customize their desired effect on any project at hand – including making personal creations like custom art or even special effects around lighting fixtures- this product has something everyone could use no matter what size space they require illumination services for.

Our new kits come with extra mounting brackets/fixing clips so you never have a problem sticking them together for an attractive installation on any surface. This LED light strip kit is the perfect way to upgrade your home with cutting-edge technology. This 2-pack comes complete with two 225 RGB LEDs, 24.6ft/7m long, and 7 color-changing effects that can be controlled remotely or manually by pressing any button on their remote control for instant gratification.

  • Remote controlled light strip
  • Comes with a controller.
  • Only comes in white color.

Lepro 65.6ft LED Strip Lights

Ultra-high Brightness: Imagine a room that is instantly lit up. That’s what Lepro strips can do. They have 30 LEDs per meter, which makes them brighter than other lights on the market today and enables you to see clearly even in dark places where others would fail miserably at their task – like your closet or under furniture before jumping out from hiding Objects such as cords for example (don’t worry though because we always recommend having extra light near these areas).

You’ll be able to light and decorate your whole room with the 65.6ft Super-long Strip: 2 X 32.8ft strip lights, long enough for any occasion. Great as living rooms or bedrooms at night when you want some nice ambiance before bedtime; perfect on a desk under cabinet lighting in kitchens where it’s hard to see what spices are hiding behind them while cooking without turning on an overhead fixture.

It offers you 8 lighting modes: 4 basic colors (including red, yellow-green), plus light-up mode which can be changed by pressing Fn+1 through fn6; as well as 2 different brightness settings – 10% or 50%. This smart device also turns off after 30 minutes without use.

  • Remote controlled light strip
  • Comes with a controller.
  • Bad customer service.

Tenmiro 65.6ft Led Strip Lights

These 65.6ft led strip lights are perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, and other spaces in your home that need extra light. You can cut their length however you like with a simple cuttable design- making these the ideal choice if you want to make sure they reach every corner of any room or space within one’s house/apartment complex (elderly neighbor). Highlights: Six different colors; Long enough extension cable is included so no more reaching around furniture when switching out bulbs.

The high-quality, bright LED lights of this strip will wow you as they cycle through millions of colors and 8 great modes. With remote control for even greater versatility, there is truly no shortage in entertainment value. The product includes four 16ft reels of LED strips and an AC power adapter so you can customize the color or wattage to any desired preference as well.

You’ll also get a 44-key IR remote control which allows quick adjustments from across rooms while being handsfree at night time thanks in part due to this controller’s battery life lasting up to 40 hours on one charge – talk about long-lasting lights that won’t keep you awake until midnight just because it turned off by accident during those last few minutes before sleeping takes over once again.

  • Durable.
  • Good quality.
  • Low light.

DAYBETTER Led Strip Lights 100ft 

You can change colors and modes intuitively, like in a bedroom where it should be cool enough for blue light therapy but not too bright outside.

98% of the time, people are more likely to listen and dance along with music if they’re able see what’s happening. That is precisely why these led strip lights will make your party so much more exciting. Change colors seamlessly while syncing perfectly in time with any song through an app on your phone or computer- all without disrupting that important conversation at home.

Additionally, this product allows you have complete control over how long each color lasts for creating different moods throughout every situation no matter where it takes place – indoors as well outside under moonlight events. The pre-set timer function on this RGB led strip light allows you to easily change colors and light up at your desired times. It’s a great way for any occasion, whether it be dinner time or just an evening party.

  • Easy to install
  • Perfect length.
  • Low durability.


 How long can you run LED light strips?

They can last for hours on end without shutting off- so you don’t have to worry about an inconvenient power outage. The LEDs get warm but they’re designed not to turn themselves off because of this underdriving effect which helps prevent overheating.

 Do LED light strips to have to be plugged in to work?

We found that if you want your LED light strips to glow, then they have to be plugged in. However, we did discover one battery-powered cordless model but only 16″ long so it’s not really practical for most people.

 Do LED light strips to work on both 120V and 240V?

Yes, they can be used worldwide with just a simple plug adapter for any country. You can even use them outdoors if the strip itself is waterproof.

What are some of the best ways to keep LED light strips from getting hot?

LED lights themselves do not get hot–only the casing does. If you’re wondering how to keep LED light strips cool, there are a few things you can do. You might also want to consider installing ventilators or fans nearby if your room isn’t already built with windows designed for fresh air.

Buying Guide 

Location of Use

Some designs are made for specific purposes, such as backlighting or television syncing options that change color with what’s on-screen. For example, a product intended only in helping make your TV more beautiful by creating an image similar to its display could come with four pre-cut pieces so it fits right away when used underneath screens without modification and pre-installed sync settings designed specifically around how we watch these days: HDR10+, Dolby VisionTM 5120 nits peak brightness (versus 500), HLG support among others – all customized just for the livingroom.  This is why manufacturers make customized options with specific features in mind for certain locations and situations.

Power Source And Needs

LED lights come in different shapes and sizes and each product has different requirements when it comes to power sources: some can use AC power while others require using a battery pack. You’ll want to make sure the design you chose will accept the type of power supply you’re already using at home.


This is especially important if your home features a humid environment because moisture can build up and damage certain components, rendering them useless even before their expected life cycle has ended. Generally speaking, look for a product that offers at least an IP65-rated design (dust-tight and protected against jets of water) if you live anywhere these conditions are common.

Waterproofing And Temperature Resistance

For the same reasons we just mentioned, it’s essential to check whether the LED light strip you’re considering is waterproof. This will protect your investment from moisture and accidental spills that could damage it beyond repair. Temperature resistance is also important for the same reasons, as well it should be since LED light strips are often used in hot environments like kitchens or bathrooms where high temperatures are pretty common. Don’t risk burning your hands or damaging expensive decor due to an overheated LED strip that was not designed to support those conditions.


Here are some final recommendations on what to consider when buying LED light strips for use in your home, based on the points we’ve just discussed: Make sure that you have a general or at least an approximate idea of how you’re going to be using the product before purchasing it. A TV backlight may require different features than a ceiling light fixture.

A fully waterproof and temperature resistant design is essential if you live in an environment where these things could cause damage (think bathrooms, kitchens, etc.). The ability to control lights with smartphone apps is becoming increasingly common; if this feature appeals to you then make sure that the LED strip can support it.


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