Best LED Light For 4 X 4 Grow Tent Reviews 2022

Are you looking for the Best LED Light For 4 X 4 Grow Tent? To grow in a safe and healthy manner, you might need the best led light. You might be wondering why so many people prefer this kind of light to others especially when it comes to growing crops indoors. The fact is that these lights offer a lot of benefits that make them very efficient and effective for indoor gardeners. They are cost-effective and highly emit less heat compared to other lighting systems out there. Do not waste your time; check out these reviews now!

Top Picks for Best LED Light For 4 X 4 Grow Tent

1.VIVOSUN Latest VS1000 LED Grow Light

The VIVOSUN VS1000 is a full-spectrum, versatile light that creates the lighting conditions to grow anything in any type of environment. You can use it close-up, or as your plants’ sole source of light, while still providing balanced plant growth and complete coverage for a low power input. This product emits very little heat and almost no noise when used so you don’t have to worry about overheating or startling your plant with sudden sounds. The VS1000 gives perfect rays at low radiation levels for excellent results on your prized plants. It covers an area of 4′ x 4′, and is super easy to install. The VIVOSUN VS1000 LED Grow Light comes in a complete set, with everything you need for the best growing experience: Two (2) VS-100 LED light panels with hangers Waterproof cables for both AC and DC operation Power supply unit Y-adaptor with splitter Lead wire clips Instruction manual

This product offers a lot of benefits, making it one of the most recommended led grow lights on the market today. One thing that makes it unique is its triple band LEDs which give more than just red and blue light spectrum. These lights can be used during vegetative phase as well as flowering phase. There’s nothing better than having all phases covered with just one light, right?

Also, the VIVOSUN VS1000 comes in a complete package with everything you need to get started. It doesn’t matter if this is your first time or not, thanks to its easy installation and user-friendly features; it is effortless for anyone to start growing his/her own plants indoors. With its full metal housing, parabolic aluminum lens and reflector all encased into an insulating material, there’s no reason why you should not try using this LED light system today.

  • Good quality for a low price.
  • Low heat and little noise when in use.
  • Easy installation, effortless setup for most people.
  • It’s not a full spectrum light.
  • Expensive

2. SUNRAISE QB2000 3x3ft 4x4ft Dimmable LED Grow Light

Sunrise QB 2000 3x3ft 4x4ft Dimmable LED Grow Light is designed to imitate the sun and provide like-sun quality full spectrums of 3000K, 6000K, 660nm Red and 740nm IR. These spectrum provides the light needed for a happy plant from seedling to flowering stages. QB2000 utilizes both a dimmer function as well as a power switch which could be adjusted according to grower’s requirements. This product features four piece aluminum heat-sinks with no fans nor noise which guarantees an unmatched performance in heat dissipation & lifespan! With its size 22.6″x22.6″, comparable to traditional 400W HPS/MH while consuming only 200W, Sunrise Qb 2000 is a perfect solution for growers who want to grow their plants organically and prefer to save money on electric bills.

Sunrise QB2000 3x3ft 4x4ft Dimmable LED Grow light makes use of the latest technology in full spectrum digital LED HPS/MH lamp replacements. It gives you full latitude over light intensity, spectrum, timing, and even dimming capabilities because it supports both AC-DC power supply mode (full range) with its internal DC/AC converter that’s adjustable from 0v ~240v (costs only $100 – $160USD). All this power enables this product to emit less heat than traditional lights; which means your plants will be safer as they won’t dry up as fast.

This product is the perfect choice when you want to grow high-quality, healthy plants that will produce more fruits, flowers and vegetables. It delivers excellent results in both quality and quantity of your harvest but with a lower electric bill at the same time. The magic starts once you plug it on for use!

  • Versatile adjustment features allow you to control its output.
  • It’s super easy to install and setup.
  • Simple yet very effective design makes it appropriate for all levels of growers.
  • Easy remote access via smartphone application (can be connected to Wi-Fi).
  • Does not support Power Wire function.
  • Can’t program specific light for each plant; requires multiple bulbs instead.

3.Phlizon Pro 2000W LED Grow Light

This grow light is ideal for any plant, anywhere. A brand new and improved Phlizon Pro 2000W LED Grow Light has double the wattage strength than other similar lights of this size. These bulbs are able to spread their emitted light across a larger area on account of their extra thick size. This large cover helps minimize the negative effects that come with placing your plants at such a close proximity, like cooler temperatures which can lead to unflourishing foliage growth or stunted flower blooming rates—issues that needn’t happen anymore when you own one of these powerful lamps! The intensity may be adjusted by hand to best suit your product needs, and will shine on full spectrum all day long without failing due to lack of intense output or life span. The bulbs themselves will last you 2-3 times longer than other similar LED lights.

Phlizon Pro 2000W LED Grow Light is no ordinary LED light, its performance and reliability both vastly surpass that of traditional horticultural lighting solutions. It is extremely energy efficient to use on the one hand: it runs on only 233 watts but outputs a whopping 6900 lumens! It’s also discreet and quiet while in operation so it won’t disturb the surrounding ambience nor attract unwanted attention from curious neighbors or passersby due to excessive noise. Its size measures 22.6″ x 18.1″ x 3″, not much bigger than what you would expect for a 1000 watt grow lamp after all!

  • It is just the size of a traditional 1000 watt equivalent HID grow light.
  • Its shape and design allows you to use it anywhere with no problem at all.
  • It has an adjustable intensity setting which lets you choose between flowering mode or vegging mode, depending on the desired outcome for your plants.
  • The lifespan of this product can last up to 50,000 hours when used properly
  • The heat emitted by Phlizon Pro 2000W LED Grow Light may be too much for your plants if placed too near them

4.AGLEX M240 LED Grow Light 

The AGLEX M240 led grow light includes upgraded, high efficiency 3030 SMD luminescent chips and 4 efficient aluminum bars, which provides you with the most powerful grow lights on the market. This 240w led grow light also has external power supply and dimmer for effortless watering without damaging sensitive equipment or electric circuits. With this product, not only will your plants enjoy bright lighting through a full-spectrum white 3000k 5000k plus red 660nm IR 740nm that replicates natural sunlight near-perfectly, but they will also be supplemented by air cooling effects to combat heat build up while working! The AGLEX use of precision drivers along with dimming control ensures that every single watt is utilized to maximize your harvest. AGLEX 240w grow lights are designed to provide high PAR/Lumen efficiency and information heat dissipation cooling design, which makes them cool and energy efficient so they don’t become hot enough to damage your plants. The 7-band all-in-one full spectrum LED Grow Light lets you enjoy a spring season in 6 weeks instead of the normal 10 weeks! These hydroponic grow lights also have certain features that make its operation easy for any gardener, like the mounting accessories provided (screws + anchors) as well as the power cord placement which is further illustrated by premarked areas where it should be attached.

  • Stably running on 220V voltage with the help of power adapter
  • Solidly built to last you for a long time
  • Dimmable feature makes it possible to grow any plant or crops you want. Cons
  • There is no complaint from many users because of its overall performance in growing all type of plants and vegetables at home.

5.MIEEMCLUX C2000 LED Grow Light

MIEEMCLUX C2000 LED Grow Light – Never quit planted. Bigger, brighter, better!

Grow the green stuff in just about any environment with MIEEMCLUX’s powerful 2000 series LED light and experience fast-growing success with less wattage and more lumens per square foot than traditional grow lights. The commercial grade technology is specifically designed for the plant lover looking to get off the grid while saving some dough—a combination of SMD diodes in a multi-spectrum layout give you all your natural needs at an equivalent amount of light as 450W HPS or 600W MH fixtures but only use 200 watts. (Plus we pack it into a compact space) You plants will automatically thrive without using excess wattage. Get your money’s worth! Even better? MIEEMCLUX C2000 is quiet, cool and very easy to maintain… a perfect addition for any growing environment.

  • The design of this grow lamp is somewhat smaller than the rest and it will not take up much space.
  • This product has a decent lifespan of 50,000 hours, making it efficient for regular growers.
  • It comes with 5years warranty on manufacturing defects
  • Some users complain about its noise produced while operating.

Things to consider before buying LED Light For 4 X 4 Grow Tent

Light Spectrum 

Most important thing to consider when you are purchasing LED grow lights is the light spectrum. This is very crucial for all kinds of plants as different plants have their own needs in terms of light. Research well before buying a light so that it can provide your plant with the right color and will also help them grow properly.LED Spectrum LEDs cover more spectral range than HPS or fluorescent bulbs, since they run at lower temperatures where there is less loss in conversion efficiency and they also don’t lose much energy in heat. LEDs also give the most intense colors and best PAR, PPF/Lumens and efficiency ratings of any grow light option which makes them a favored choice wi th many growers. Most LED manufacturers will use “peak” wavelength numbers when advertising ‘color’. This is technically correct, but not very useful for growing cannabis .

Light Area / Intensity Lighting

Light area refers to how much total space it can cover while intensity refers to how powerful the light source is at that particular area. For example, you may want a bigger coverage in your 4×4 tent so you’ll require greater lighting area but on the other hand you might want better intensity since it’s able to penetrate deep into your plants’ canopy where as smaller LED grow lights may not be as effective.

Intensity of Light The

intensity of light is determined by the amount of light that falls on a certain area. Growing cannabis plants requires more lighting due to their height and size during vegetative growth. If you have a small tent or grow box, LED grow lights often produce too much intensity for your plants. It will also require shielding or ventilation to lower temperature levels or prevent damage from heat buildup which is why we recommend using one bigger LED light instead.

Lifespan and Energy Saving Ability

A grow light is considered durable if it has a longer lifespan. It’s good to know that you don’t have to change your grow lights often since they last for several years. This saves you money and time from frequent replacements. When we purchase an item, our top concern is its energy efficiency. Since LED grow lights are more efficient, using less wattage while providing the same amount of coverage area as other models, its power consumption rate is low compared to others which helps us save energy and costs over the long run.

General Power Consumption & Coverage Area

The higher the color temperature (Kelvin), the brighter and whiter the light produced by a bulb will be; this means more PAR output for flowering. However, the opposite is true for vegetative growth stages. The lower Kelvin temperature gives plants more red and infrared light which stimulates more branch growth as well as flowering and budding at a later time.


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