Best LED Interior Lights For Cars Reviews 2022

One of the most important features in a car is the amount and quality of lights that are used. The interior lights is also very much significant to make your car look sleek and elegant. The design, size and color schemes are some of the main factors that should be considered when buying these LED interior lights for cars .In addition to being stylish, durable and reliable, they are also budget-friendly. You will no longer have to pay for installation because they are plug-and-stay units. They can be easily installed without additional cables or accessories making them simple but functional gadgets. Although there are other LED interior lights available on the market today you may want to consider buying one with an adjustable power system giving it more functionality compared to the rest.

Its practical design makes it a great choice for your cars interior lights as it can be installed in all 12V sockets of most vehicles.These LED interior lights are created to fit almost all car types with no drilling or cutting required on its installation process making them super convenient to use.If you love color changing lighting effects, then these are some of the best options available to you because they have seven different colors that you can choose from including green, blue, red, yellow among others. In addition, these multi-colored flashing lights do not require any batteries so there is no need for replacements unlike other models that only comes with one color.

Top Picks for Best LED Interior Lights For Cars

1.Alla Lighting 800lm Xtreme Super Bright Festoon

This is the perfect product for all of your driver and passenger needs. With 800 lumens in each festoon, you can have more than enough light to see at night on the side of the road or just illuminating a campground. This bulb has an incredible life! One warranty year so you know it will last long time too. Super bright without burning up your car battery, these little lamps have everything covered. Not only that, they are energy saving and low power consumption so you’ll save plenty over time! Imagine not stopping even once for gas when driving across country because you won’t need any anymore with this innovation in lighting technology on your jeep.

High quality ETI leds make these lights what they are-powerful bulbs that will last you for years to come. When they say extreme brightness, they mean it! They bring 800 lumens to the party and don’t hurt your eyes either with a super wide angle beam that makes everything clearly visible in any direction. ETI is known for creating top-notch lighting products so why not try them out? Once you do, you’ll never be able to go back!

  • Super Bright
  • Super Wide Angle Beam
  • Easy installation and adjustment of the lamp angle is possible with an elastic stretch cords.
  • The color is only white.

2. LEDKINGDOMUS 20pcs 42mm 1.65″ 8SMD 6000K Festoon LED 

The LEDKINGDOMUS LED bulbs are a perfect fit for any car that needs an interior light! With 130 lumens and 6500K white light, there is no better way to keep your lights up-to-date than with one of these amazing products. Spotlights and high beams used to be the only efficient tool for lighting up a dark space on roads, but now we have immeasurable options like our LEDKINGDOMUS LEDs. With its incandescent technology, it’s energy-efficient while performing at 40% more brightness than traditional bulbs with 0 defects over 50,000 hours of continuous use! These innovative product benefits make it the newest must-have car accessory.

These LED bulbs are the perfect lighting for any car! They’re low voltage which means less energy consumption, saving you money and time. They also have a wide beam range which makes them especially effective for many purposes including off-road camping or just simply finding something in your trunk overnight while other lights went dead. Embedded with 8 SMD chips this bulb is easy to install without any cutting of wires needed making it super convenient to install on most vehicles using 12V sockets. With its long life expectancy (60,000 hours/5 years) and efficiency (130 lumens) there is no reason why you shouldn’t buy this product today!

  • Energy efficient

  • None

3.LEDGlow 4pc Blue LED Interior Footwell

Solid blue lighting is essential for your car this time of year. Get that, plus more, with these LEDGlow 4pc Blue interior kit! These 9” LED tubes house 72 LEDs and are suitable on any model – from compact hatchbacks to full-size trucks, SUVs and vans. The thin wires make installation easy to do without cutting or tearing apart your vehicle like other kits require. With 8 different modes you can change the mood in your car as needed: solid illumination modes; 3 fading modes; 3 strobing (flash) mode choices; 2 scan patterns (rotating) choices including one activated by sound recognition if music is playing inside your car selected selection); and an auto-illumination bypass mode that switches on and off at user-preset time intervals. The tubes are available in red, blue, green and white colors.

  • Massive 72 LED durability with a 20 year lifespan

  • Interior lighting that fits any car like a glove

  • The small package contains only 4pcs lights.

4.Nilight 4PCS 48 LEDs USB Interior Lights

Imagine driving down an icy road in the dead of night. Your car is your only light, illuminating the way with flashing blacktop and 4-inch snowdrifts piled all around. One minute you’re cruising to a favorite song on your radio then suddenly it’s as if your car has dropped into a lighting blackpit! You automatically turn on the interior lights but what’s this? These ridiculous bright white LEDs say “NIGHTMARE!!!!”

Why shine agony so brightly when you can make them look like stars shining far away instead? Nilight presents four high quality LED strips that will cover one side of a vehicle with soothing color changing illumination (aka no more NIGHTMARE!).  This product comes complete with 12 48 LEDs per strip, meaning there are 4 strips total, each has the same quality. The LED strips are constructed with SMD5050 chips and can be quickly installed with double sided tape or 3M adhesive on any indoor or outdoor surface (check if your vehicle is waterproofed first). These lights will last for 100000 hours without issues so you never have to worry about them going out on a road trip!

  • Easy installation 12V car light strip uses 48 pieces of 5050 high brightness LED per side, around 360 LEDs in total which brighten up both sides of car interior at the same time.
  • There is no need to find a place to mount it anymore: just stick it behind dashboard, between seats or pillars, under headrests etc.

  • Not long lasting

5.Type S 72″ Smart LED Interior Trim Lighting Kit

Illuminate the inside of your vehicle and captivate passengers with professional lighting effects without the hassle and expense of professional installation. The Type S 72″ Smart LED Interior Trim Lighting Kit is easy to install, taking only fifteen minutes with included step-by-step instructions that we dare not forget about! You can control your lights quickly and easily from anywhere with our TYPE S app – featuring 49 unique colors, 8 RGB Multicolor ambiance modes, and multifunctional presets for ultimate lighting design possibilities. Mix up all three zones or create a custom zone throughout your interior without any worries. Prepare to be amazed by how beautifully lit you car will become in minutes with the Type S 72″ Smart LED Interior Trim Lighting Kit!

  • 3M Adhesive Tape
  • Easy to install and comes with excellent instructions.

  • Difficult to connect to turn the lights on

Advantages of using LED Interior Lights For Cars

  •  LED lights are very durable. They can last over 100,000 hours for many years with little to no maintenance so you never have to worry about replacing them. 
  • LED lights consume less power than incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. When powered by a 12-volt DC car battery, they only use 0.2 amps per hour (totaling 4 amps per day). This reduces the load on the alternator and allows your vehicle to run smoother which will save gas in the long run as well! *
  • LEDs produce significantly less heat than either of their counterparts yet emit brighter and whiter light that is ideal for interior lighting applications where visibility is key and heat build-up should be avoided at all cost.
  •  The small size and low weight of LEDs make them perfect for interior applications where space is at a premium and the light source must be able to withstand shock, vibration, temperature extremes, moisture, etc. 
  • They are very easy to install since they can simply be stuck onto any surface with 3M tape or adhesive. Many high-quality kits come with double sided tape already on strips which will allow you to easily mount lights directly behind your dashboard , on visible surfaces like seats or even along the headrests without the need for drilling holes in your car!

Things to consider before buying LED Interior Lights For Cars

1) Speedy Installation & Universal Fitment 

LED’s don’t take up a lot of room inside your vehicle and require no car modification, drilling or wiring to install. Simply remove the protective backing and stick them onto your vehicle’s surfaces with 3M tape or adhesive that is provided in most kits.

2) Flexible & Adjustable

There are LED lights available for almost every possible application from interior lighting strips under seats to touch-light strips you can use anywhere around dashboard or door panels. You won’t find a better way to add light accents than with these modern LED lights!

3) ­Stylish Mood Lighting 

Crafted with versatility in mind by some of the best designers out there specifically for car owners who care about their on-road experience, car LED interior lights now come as multicolor strips so you can actually have complete control over what color is emitted!

4) Durable & Safe 

Today’s LED lights are made from the highest quality 3W LEDs so they can super bright yet power efficient and long-lasting. They come in a wide range of colors to suit your vehicle’s interior or even make it match the style you’re going for! Designed with both safety and style in mind, LED interior lighting will surely become a must-have accessory for your car.

5) Quick Light Changes 

LED lights are very easy to remove and transfer between cars without the need for any complicated installation procedures. Simply peel off old ones, apply new ones with 3M tape or adhesive and you’ll instantly have a way better looking interior!


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