Best LED Headlights For Trucks Reviews 2022

Lighting is essential for driving and it’s quite important that you have good headlights in your vehicle. Bad lights can cause accidents on the road if they are not working properly or are dim. It is a must to be careful when using lights because they determine whether you will be safe or not, especially at night time.

This article will provide you with a list of the best LED headlights for trucks available on the market these days so that you’ll know what brands to check out. The products listed below are from known and trusted manufacturers and some of them can even be used as worklights too. These LED headlights for trucks will surely help you drive safely during nighttime when visibility isn’t really ideal for vehicles without their headlamps turned on.

Top Picks for Best LED Headlights For Trucks

1.Alla Lighting H11 LED Bulbs

Alla H8/H11 LED Bulbs are the perfect upgrade for upgrading your stock halogen fog lights or daytime running lights. Despite being low power consumption, each bulb outputs a whopping 2000 lumens – this is over twice as bright as standard headlights and day time running lamps! The color of these bulbs is ice blue and powered by advanced circuitry technology that’s absolutely stable and reliable to meet the demands of any driving environment. With an incredible 5000 hours lifespan you’ll have piece of mind knowing that great visibility won’t be an issue.

The H11 LED Bulbs are made to fit your Vehicle’s needs and are easy to install. This pack comes with two bulbs which means you’ll get a pair of these halogen replacement headlights for your vehicle!

  • The brightness of these bulbs are insanely high and will definitely provide amazing visibility even at night time.
  • Bulbs have an incredible 5000 hours lifespan so they’ll last really long for your vehicle needs.

  • Cons check High power consumption so you’d have to be cautious when using it as some vehicles can’t handle too much power consumption.

2.Sakeye 2PCS Rectangle 7×6 LED Headlights Pair 

Ram your headlight with the bright light of Sakeye H6054 LED Headlights! This certified CE A22-2MP product is designed for easy installation, producing a heavy duty, safe and stable light source for your car or truck. So whether you’re racing down dirt trails on a mountain bike or driving over snow topped mountains in winter be sure to protect yourself from low visibility with these headlights — they do more than just function, they also offer fashionable design with dark chrome plating and tear drop shape that seamlessly blends into the overall look of any vehicle. Driving at night has never been more pleasurable thanks to this innovative model’s multiple colors including amber colored bulbs to produce clear illumination without dazzling those oncoming drivers who might not know you’re coming.

The H6054 comes with a powerful LED circuit board and dual light source designed to fit into most vehicles, including BMWs & VWs. The 2-year warranty provided by Sakeye is your assurance that you’re buying a quality product from a manufacturer who stands behind their products. If you’re looking for bright lights that can provide safety, functionality and fashion then this model is one of the best LED headlights for trucks in my opinion!

  • Comes with an amazing 2 year warranty which means there’s no reason for you to worry about its durability as you know it will be repaired or replaced if anything goes wrong during the time period covered.
  • Easy installation, only takes 5 minutes to be installed into your vehicle.

  • The power consumption is average so if you’re looking for something more low-power than this might not work the best for your vehicle.

3.YDA H6054 Led Headlights 7×6 Led Headlights

Give your ride some light. Give yourself the cutest eyes on the road all while saving energy and money. With these headlights, you’ll be able to see a good 10-20 miles ahead of you as well! These headlights are fantastic for seeing in foggy weather conditions or night driving because they produce more visibility than halogen bulbs. PMMA is used instead of glass to make them corrosion resistant and heat-resistant so they can handle high temperatures like headlights should–upwards from an impressive 5000K (Kelvin) up to 6500K if that’s what you want. Along with durability, our lights provide floodlighting capabilities for bringing out everything around them, plus plenty of daylight illumination thanks to those 3W LED chips we mentioned earlier.

not just for cars, these headlights are also perfect for trucks! 

  • The lifespan is extremely high so you’ll get a lot of mileage out of these lights if you’re able to use them daily.
  • PMMA lens body will ensure that these headlights become resistant to most chemicals or corrosion so they won’t rust easily in your vehicle moisture conditions.
  • Though the lifespan is amazing, there’s no indication of how long each light will last

4.DIYNP H6054 Rectangle Hi/Lo Headlights

You deserve the best. At DIYNP, we believe that you shouldn’t have to put up with dim, smudgy headlights that leave your visibility limited and your safety compromised. That’s why our H6054 Rectangle Hi/Lo Headlights LED are not only high-quality but also offer a brighter light than most other brands do. With 5600 lumens of brightness on high beams or 2500 lumens for when low is needed, these headlights are sure to make you see miles ahead of yourself in any weather condition!

Whether it be driving late through foggy highways or walking home from work during heavy rain and snowfall, never again suffer the limitations of an old pair of headlights. DIYNP means quality for minimal effort at cost effective prices. Let’s go for the gold! Check out our product reviews to see what others have to say about these headlights.

  • Comes with an extremely high brightness level that can be regulated by low or high beams so you can choose how much light you want in certain situations.
  • 5 times brighter than halogen bulbs and 10 times more efficient, these are ideal for use on your truck as they are energy-efficient as well as durable.
  • There is no indication of how long each LED will last

5.TRUCKMALL 5×7 7×6 inch LED Headlights

Whether you are looking for a perfect light to set off the look of your vehicle or an upgrade from stock headlights, TruckMall’s LED headlights are perfect. With our anti-flicker technology, these lights will not glare and blind other drivers. It also has high intensity led chips for durability and brightness which will give an eye catching appeal to any car on the road. Designed with DOT, SAE, E-Mark approval and they have more voltage than a typical LED headlight which means brighter light as well as better quality that is durable enough to last.

The best part about these headlights is the price. It’s really affordable and will be one purchase you won’t regret because of what they offer in terms of durability, efficiency, brightness and style.

  • The anti-flicker technology means that you can keep the lights running without having to worry about them glare blinding other drivers.
  • Comes with a great warranty
  • More like a floodlight

Things to consider before buying LED Headlights For Trucks


There are obviously certain specifications that you need to make sure your LED headlights for trucks meet in order to ensure a safe and hassle free drive. Here is what you need.

A) Safety first

Carbon Monoxide emission, low beam and high beam intensity of light (lumens), EMC standards – these all must be approved by the authorities so to say that you have a legal product on your hands!

B) Lifespan

The lifespan of each bulb should also be indicated as it differs depending on quality and other factors. When it comes to LED lights, they are known for their long lifespans which means better value for money in the long run but if one has no idea how long a particular type will last, then this really is a deal breaker.

C) Bulb type

A lot of people are not aware but bulbs come in various types and it’s important to get the right kind for your truck. If you don’t, there may be issues with compatibility when installing them.

D) Brightness

It is good to have around 5000 lumens on high beams and 2500 lumens on low beams as this allows visibility even if one drives at night or in foggy weather conditions etc. These numbers also indicate that they won’t glare blind other drivers which gives great safety benefits!

E) Price

LED lights can be very expensive which is why it is better to go for the ones that give more value for money such as what we recommend above – cheaper but not “cheap” in terms of quality.

F) Return policy

It’s important to have a return policy where one can either get a refund or replacement if the product is faulty as we all know that things do happen from time to time and it is always best to be prepared so you don’t lose out on your money!

G) Warranty

Last but not least, it’s good to know there is at least some kind of warranty attached to whatever LED lights you end up purchasing for your truck which helps in case anything happens within a set amount of time after purchase and they need replacing. After all, nothing is 100% perfect so taking measures like these can help avoid unnecessary expenses in the long run.


It’s also important to know what does DOT, SAE and E-Mark approval mean. These standards ensure that the product you get is safe for use on the road therefore it won’t cause any harm to yourself or other drivers.

A truck which is used in work like farming, construction, logging etc requires high power LED lights because of their job nature where they are mostly required to operate at night due to time restrictions and convenience. However since trucks are basically meant for a lot of transportation purposes, there are also LED lights designed specifically with them in mind so one doesn’t have to worry about anything related to driving comfort!


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