Best LED Headlight For Harley Davidson Reviews 2022

LED motorcycle lights are very popular because they last longer than the stock incandescent bulbs that came with your bike. They’re also brighter, more efficient and they don’t waste any power when turned off like the factory headlight bulbs do. This is why their popularity has risen in recent years.

LED headlights for Harley Davidsons are a major upgrade, adding instant style and class. They’re also much safer than the stock headlights used on most Harleys today. Learn how they work, see if they’re worth the investment and find out what you should be buying.

Top Picks for Best LED Headlight for Harley Davidson

1.Hsanzeo Black 7 Inch Round Headlight

Attention all Harley riders! Experience a whole new light for your ride with these Hsanzeo black 7 inch round headlight. Equipped to provide you with high beams, low beams, white DRL, and amber DRL so that you can drive like the wind on the open road without ever being seen by other drivers or pedestrians. Experience never before possible visibility and enjoy brighter night time driving than ever before as well. These lights are also California compliant installation is easy-just plug them in just like any other electrical component and fire up their 75W output. These lights are made from die cast aluminum which provides excellent heat dissipation meaning your headlights will be safe from damage due to over heating while also allowing them to stretch far onto the pavement ahead of you. The LEDs used in this headlight are the latest generation of Super Bright white LED lights that provide full color spectrum and high brightness with total darkness when turned off-providing you safety at all times. These lights are designed to be street legal for most US states meaning you can have these headlights shipped directly to your house without fear of receiving a ticket upon delivery! This is an excellent item that will bring your old Harley into the modern era while also providing easy installation, great performance, and top quality material construction.

  • It’s so bright that you feel safe during the night time driving with this headlight.
  • The LED lights are of high brightness and colour range when the light is compared with the incandescent bulb,which allows max visibility on the road ahead and avoid collisions.
  • You need to update your fairing brackets before installing these headlights

2.Lusgwufad 5-3/4 5.75 inch LED Halo DRL Motorcycle Headlight

The Lusgwufad 5-3/4 5.75 inch LED Headlight features Osram LED chips for the best in white light output, and it’s shock and vibration resistant too! You can choose between a high beam or low profile beam – whichever suits your riding needs most. The design is stylishly sleek with its aluminum construction that looks as good with a Harley Davidson as it does on a Honda Goldwing in silver plate finish. And installation couldn’t be easier– no modification needed to existing motorcycles since this light plugs right into any 3 prong plug headlight connection. One of the top rated motorcycle headlights coming out of China today, we’re sure you’ll find our price to be very competitive, yet higher than other competitors in regard to quality and effectiveness. We’re so confident in the quality of our headlights that we also offer a one year warranty! And if any damages, defects or failures happen within a year after purchase, replacements are offered free of charge. The Lusgwufad motorcycle LED headlight is street legal meaning you can drive through states such as California with no worries about getting pulled over by law enforcement!

  • The lights are bright enough to illuminate road signs even during the night time.
  • You could get 50,000 hours service life (if run 8 hours for 1 day).
  • Quality reflective lens will help spread out the light evenly on the road ahead.
  • The headlight could have a backward compatibility issue
  • It may need to be wired to the electric system.

3. Headlight halo Ring white

Let others see your way and be seen with these LED headlights. Whether you’re an avid biker or just ride it during the occasional night time cruise, this LED halo ring will help you light up the road before you. These round, seal beam headlight lights put out a steady white glow like Halos shining around your bike to keep people from crashing into oncoming traffic and yourself in their lane! Connect easily with our plug-in H4 connector for Harley Davidson Touring models or purchase adapters separately if needed for other models of motorcycles – no matter what shape, size or type, upgrade those sealed beam bulbs with new energy efficient ones today! They come packaged nicely and are easy to install so get while supplies last!

  • The lights are bright
  • Quality reflective lens will help spread out the light evenly on the road ahead.
  • Not long lasting

4.ONLINE LED STORE 7″ LED Harley Headlight 

ONLINE LED STORE 7″ LED Harley Headlight- Like your Harley, these lights are built for the long haul. Armed with a robust aluminum housing, an impact resistant lens, an integrated heatsink and an IP 67 rating, they’re ready to take you wherever you want to go. Take the road of light (ESCAPE) or take control of your headlight’s lighting (CHOOSE YOUR ROAD). Either way you’ll see just what it is that makes this cycle so one-of-a-kind: The choice is yours, cool chrome or bold blacked out features with white halo DRLs for running/braking functions! (1x) 8″ LED headlight (2x) 4-LED running lights w/ halo ring DRL (Halos Only) This is for the Harley Davidson Sportsters or Dyna’s from 2008 to present. There are 5 different sizes available and they’re all listed on Amazon, which makes it convenient for drivers who need a better visibility during night riding.

  • The light is small in size but not too weak for blinding other vehicles.
  • Wide angle lens gives you visibility even though it’s dimmed.
  • There are no replacement options yet in case you want to have some customizations done with this item.
  • It could get twisted easily because of its thin baseplate at the back. 

5.Z-OFFROAD New 7 inch LED Headlight

Z-OFFROAD new 7 inch LED headlight is the leading newest tech in headlights. The Z-OFFROAD LED Headlights are much brighter and offer a crisp, sharp cutoff line that can be seen from miles away! Your stock halogen headlights can only last for about 10,000 hours with total brightness at 3000K (or 6000 if you’re lucky). However, these lights come with guaranteed quality as they’re rated to last up to 50,000 hours of operation without fading – guaranteeing more time on the road in perfect lighting conditions! They have soft LEDs and proprietary heat sinks that prevent any kind of distortion or glare. This revolutionary technology offers a seamless installation and plug & play design where no wires need to get cut apart during set-up. They’re also DOT approved and E-Marked so they’re street legal – don’t get caught riding without proper lighting equipment ever again! (1x) 7 inch motorcycle headlight LED light assembly These are for the Touring Models listed above only (09-15 XL 883R, XL1200C, XL1200T, FLHTK 2009-2014).  The size is suitable for all bikes with round headlights that have a diameter of seven inches.

  • They can last for 50 thousand hours which means that you save money from buying new ones every year.

  • If not installed properly it can create damaged in the wiring system of your bike as well as other components like fuses and engine

Things to consider before buying LED Headlight for Harley Davidson


Aside from the size, brightness and quality of the LED Headlight for your Harley Davidson, make sure that it is compatible with your bike. After all, there are specific models designed for Sportster bikes and touring bikes. Make sure that you’re buying the appropriate model. It also helps to look at customer reviews to see what other users think about the product they have purchased. Don’t be afraid to question those who had an experience using a certain brand or type of LED lights for their motorbikes because they can provide you some useful insights on how long does this kind of accessory last. Most importantly, choose one that has easy installation instructions so you won’t be bothered when you need to set-up at night and ride safely right away.

When you are in need of LED headlights,  it’s easy to see how useful they are for every motorbike owner! It can help save money from buying new halogen bulbs or changing the entire headlights set-up all the time. Plus, it becomes easier to get noticed during night riding because of its bright, strong light that allows other drivers to spot your location easily. So before purchasing a model for your bike, be sure to keep these tips in consideration:


it should fit perfectly on your Harley Davidson’s bike and is not so small that it won’t provide wide angle visibility at night. In addition, the lens should be made with high quality materials like high impact plastic or a durable glass material. Toothless design should be avoided because it poses a danger to other drivers especially during night riding because of its sharp and dangerous edges.


the light should be able to emit bright light that can illuminate not just dark areas but also long distances so you’ll feel safe while on the road. It’s important that it is DOT approved as this means that it comes with quality assurance from reliable manufacturers.


ensure that the LED headlight you will purchase has steady lighting power even in different weather conditions or changes in atmospheric pressure. This is very crucial for motorbikes, especially at night when visibility becomes limited due to rain and foggy conditions. Don’t forget to check if it comes with warranty options too! 


It should be easy to install so you don’t have to spend long hours removing wires from the old bulb and getting everything connected in a short time. 

Life Expectancy

LED lights last much longer than old fashioned bulbs. You need to figure out how often you use your light and then buy the appropriate LED bulb. The perfect lifespan is 30,000 hours of continuous usage without any malfunctions or breaks in power supply while coolants like a fan help dissipate heat more effectively from the headlight so that it can keep running for 80000 hours at its most optimal performance level with no adverse effects on health

LEDs are better because they have an average life expectancy of 50,000-100,00o hours (compared to 5000 hour standard) when properly maintained by using cooling devices such as fans which also helps distribute heat away faster the LED bulbs are more durable than the standard Halogen lights as they do not crack or shatter and instead will dim over time requiring replacement. LEDs also burn at a lower temperature than halogens making for cooler running in your motorcycle headlight LEDs are much smaller which allows you to use them in compact spaces without sacrificing brightness or optical functionality.


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