Best LED Grow Light for the Money Reviews 2022

LED grow lights are the future of indoor gardening. There’s no way around it. LED lights provide very high yields, excellent potency and a great value to your wallet. The best led grow light is also cost effective, with an average lifespan of 50,000 to 100,000 hours or more; that’s almost one year continuous use! Moreover, many models come with a ten-year warranty as well.

The main point is this – if you want to achieve the highest possible yields from your plants, then go with LEDs over regular fluorescent or HID lighting systems. They’re simply better in every aspect from power consumption to plant health and growth. In fact, a recent study shows that LEDs are up to 90% more effective in the vegetative stage while only using 50-70% as much electricity!

Top Picks for Best LED Grow Light for the Money


Are you looking for a high-quality grow light that will help you see your plants’ growth with more detail and understanding? Well, using the VIPARSPECTRA 1200W LED Grow Light means better quality from choosing to transplanting. The secret to this grow light’s success is optimal full spectrum light which provides all stages of plants life from germination to flowering with everything they need in natural sunlight. Not only does it provide quality, but this product also features sturdy durable construction with fire-resistant iron housing so your house won’t catch on fire when all those lights are lit up! You can choose between VEG and BLOOM switches depending on the stage of gardening which switching channels helps give each growing phase what they need such as 18 LED grow light channels and 12 flowering channels.

Depending on what you’re looking for in a grow light, this one is portable as it comes with a built-in handle that allows you to move the lights without having to worry too much about damaging the product or spending extra money on an external carrying case. With dual hanging chains, there’s no need for any other way of holding up your lights but two sturdy chains! The best part? You don’t have to spend a fortune buying different products – this one has got it all including adjustable height reflectors so you can customize your setup depending on what crops and plants you want to grow and how tall they will be when they reach their full growth potential!

  • Comes with a 10-year warranty!
  • The best led grow light product is quiet and cool enough to be used as an exhaust fan in a medium sized room or greenhouse.
  • Not suitable for small plants such as seedlings since there are not enough lights to cover the very bottom of the plant.
  • Expensive

2.BESTVA Reflector Series 1200W COB LED Grow Light

BESTVA Reflector Series 1200W COB LED Grow Light is one of the newest and coolest lights on the market! The 90 degree angles are perfect for plants as it covers a greater surface area. Not only that but you get full spectrum with a max output of 2000 Lumens! This light can’t be beat, competing even with Florigrow’s Maximum Output Grow Light which produces 3000 lumens! You’ll notice that this light has 5mm thickness integral aluminum structure radiator instead of multiple dispersed radiators. For those who don’t know, BESTVA Radiator improves heat dissipation—something your plants will really enjoy in this hot summer weather. Dedicated to every detail, BESTVA have made sure their assembly includes an all-aluminum housing and high-quality PC for more effectiveness, longevity, durability, reliability and optimized heat dissipation.

The patented dual fans also help in keeping your plants cool while they grow thanks to better circulation around the entire room! The two external adjustable fans are also a plus because you can move them depending on where they need to be in order to do their job properly—keeping your plants healthy all year long. 

  • Energy efficient lighting system
  • COB full spectrum light is perfect for any growing methods such as hydroponics or soil based systems with its generous amount of lumens that provides optimal growth cycles from seedlings all the way to vegetative growth then into flowering.
  • Equipped with dual adjustable fans and patented aluminum sheets that helps circulate air around the area while it runs so your plants can grow healthier with better conditions all year round.
  • Assembly is fairly difficult
  • The directions aren’t 100% clear on this either so be prepared for some trial and error!

3.WAKYME Full Spectrum Plant Light with Veg and Bloom Double Switch

Serving you for life: With light as efficient and much stronger than traditional HPS/MH grow lights, WAKYME PRO offers the best value to customers so it can also be installed in large-scale projects like a giant plant nursery.In addition, we offer 60PCS SMD led with double chips of high power (600W). Each LED has diode to protect dual chips. So that up to 600 watts is consumed, Voltage is 110-115. Easily replace the traditional 600 watt HPS/MH while its energy efficiency saves money Plus universal Blue, Red, IR, UV or White wavelengths are available which gives plants all they need for growth with Veg(seed) or Bloom(flowering flowers) switch for both vegetative and flower cycle. WAKYME PRO is designed to last for life with high quality aluminum casing, durable PC lens and has an efficient cooling system that keeps the entire fixture cool so your plants are happy.

  • Double chip 60pcs SMD led provides optimal light output throughout your plants life cycle ·

  • Great heat dissipation from the aluminum casing and a highly efficient cooling system to provide even temperatures for optimal plant growth

  • The fans are unusually loud. This can definitely be undesirable if you have it in your bedroom or other areas where noise levels matter.
  • No UVB-light, which means no flowering without additional supplementation during the vegetative stage

4.Roleadro Grow Light

The Roleadro Grow Light has a 10 watt chip design for intense light power and great coverage. It is a PAR Value (453umol) with higher values than most lights at 18 inches and only takes 135 watts of expenditure for the whole system. Because they are on a smaller chip size, you will need to move them closer to where your plants are growing than traditional lights and should be spaced at least an inch away from the leaves. It uses an aluminum casing that is thin and light to keep the overall weight of the lights as low as possible while still providing a strong structure. Its internal wiring allows it to be easily installed into your existing hydroponics setup, and has external adjustments for you to control the intensity you want.

  • Full spectrum LED grow lights designed specifically for plants during all stages of growth ·
  • Can be used in either horticulture or hydroponics systems with many different applications depending on how much space you have available ·
  • Extremely energy efficient with only 135 watts needed for complete coverage of up to 6 square feet  The slim housing design does not take up much room while being able to provide intense light coverage to your plants ·
  • Narrow Light Beams allow you to position them closer to the plants without worrying about overexposure while still providing the needed light for your plants
  • These lights can be somewhat difficult to install into an existing hydroponics setup because of its small size and limited mounting options.

5.KingLED Newest 1000w LED Grow Lights

Lighting your garden has never been so simple with our KingLED grow light! With the newest Samsung LEDs and 10 times Optical Condenser, our lights provide all plants with optimal growing conditions. Not only will this save you time but the energy costs too. Small indoor plants to large outdoor gardens – this LED grow light can be customized for any size of plant! Regardless if you’re in need of indoor or outdoor lighting, we have a style for that. Don’t let your gorgeous sunflower go unpraised when its lush leaves are being greedily consumed under broad sunlight no more thanks to our latest KP1000 LED Light Bulb and green design trimming! Energy efficient in every way possible, each one is proudly assembled and calibrated by hand on American soil just for you! Invest in your garden today and seize the opportunity to save time, energy, and money. Don’t delay – order today!

  • The most advanced LED grow lights on the market today ·
  • Highest quality of lighting available for growing plants ·
  • Features a 2 year warranty along with industry leading customer support ·
  • Comes with everything needed for quick, hassle-free installation ·
  • Includes an 18 month life span rating claim from manufacturer that guarantees the lights will work as expected throughout that period
  •     Price is quite high compared to some other options  

Things to consider before buying LED Grow Light for the Money

Space Matters 

You need to consider how much space you have available for your grow operation. The lights that best fit a small indoor operation are not always the same as those that will work well in an outdoor garden. Indoor growers should consider an LED light that is thin and lightweight, so it may be mounted above their plants with minimal intrusion into other spaces in the room. If they choose LED lights of different colors, they can change the look of the growing environment by altering lighting schemes from time to time. Outdoor growers have more options when choosing how to hang their lamps, but even these operations can benefit from lightweight fixtures that allow excess heat and moisture to escape quickly through air vents at top or bottom of the fixture housing.

Total Light Output 

We all know the saying ‘Bigger is Better’, this applies to LED grow lights as well. The bigger the light, the more output it will provide for your garden. You don’t want to be in a situation where you have under-powered lights that don’t give off enough intensity for proper growth of your plants.

Manufacturer’s Lifespan Rating 

While no manufacturer can guarantee total lifespan of their LED grow light fixtures, they do guarantee at least a certain level of output over an 18 month period. This should give you confidence when buying a unit from any manufacturer and won’t leave you thinking twice about purchasing it if you believe in how reliable they are stating their product is.

Heat Management 

As with all high powered lighting systems, heat dissipation is always an important factor to consider when choosing a light for your operation. The larger the light, the more heat it is going to create and you want to make sure you have some place for that excess heat to go in order to keep your grow room or garden from overheating.

Fan Controllers 

Depending on how your specific grow operation is set up, you may already have an exhaust system built into place. If not, then a fan controller might be something you wish to purchase with one of these lights. These go by many names, but essentially they are electronic devices that help run fans in sync with the power draw of the LED light(s) allowing them to work at optimum efficiency while keeping everything within your growing space cool enough for healthy plant growth.


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