Best LED For Halogen Projectors Reviews 2022

Many people have difficulty seeing the road at night due to a lack of light. This is especially true for those who are driving when it’s dark out, or in foggy conditions where visibility can be compromised considerably. Halogen projectors LEDs provide increased brightness which helps reduce this problem dramatically and avoid accidents that would otherwise happen often while driving on these types of roads..

The halogen projector lights are going to be brighter than the standard headlights that came on your vehicle when it was new. In addition, halogen projectors use a filament and gas mixture like other halogen bulbs, but an electric charge is used to ignite the gases which produces a bright white light similar to what is found in natural sunlight. They work well for both foggy and dark conditions because of this.

Top Picks for Best LED For Halogen Projectors

1.HIKARI TOP XHP50.2 LED, H1 LED Bulbs Conversion Kit

What’s the problem with traditional headlights? They’re bulky, hard to install, and they suck up your battery! It looks like it’s time for a change… Introducing HIKARI top XHP50.2 LED bulbs conversion kit: 3 Bulbs of high-performance LEDs that fit snugly into your headlights and immediately start saving you energy. With 5,000 lumens per bulb (or 90% less energy consumption!) these LEDs are durable enough for any terrain—even highway driving. Plus, they come equipped with a wider beam pattern that makes them ideal for off-road too! What about installation? We’ve got an easy four step guide designed to make installing these lights as simple as possible … so ditch those old halogen bulbs and upgrade to LEDs today.

The Hikari top XHP50.2 led bulb is a great product for those looking at higher performance than most standard halogen bulbs, but without the high price tag of some of the other options out there. The 5 watt LED ratings are in line with similar offerings on this list, so it’s easy to see why these have become very popular among consumers. If you’re aiming for maximum power while spending as little money as possible then the H1 conversion kits are worth a look!

  • The bulbs are waterproof and shock resistant
  • The lifespan of up 50000 hours
  • Easy four-step DIY installation guide.

  • A bit more expensive than other headlight replacement options.

2.PULILANG H7 LED Headlight Bulbs

With an emphasis on night-time driving safety, this elegant H7 LED headlight bulb is designed to be a high quality, safe lighting accessory that not only preserves night vision but will also help reduce driver fatigue and increase responsiveness on the road. The PULILANG has 360° illuminating power thanks to its reflective aluminum casing. Epistar LED chips create a consistent and uniform luminosity across the surface of the unit with an output up to 300% brighter than stock halogens! It’s perfect for drivers who need more light while avoiding glare or dark spots when they make quick lane changes.

The aerodynamic aluminum body equipped with heat dissipation fins ensures your bulbs stay cool no matter what surface you use them on – including your precious LEDs. Another multi-faceted safety feature is the auto sensor chip which changes brightness levels based on your driving conditions. Headlights dim when bright conditions are detected, and they become brighter at night.

A true plug and play installation thanks to the unique design of this bulb makes converting your headlights easy, even for do-it-yourselfers! Leave a comment if you have any questions about installing them because we will walk you through it step by step using our detailed blog post here . PULILANG LED headlight bulbs offer exceptional performance and value! If safety is more important than price point or flashy electronics for you then these are a great choice.

  • LED Headlight Bulbs are designed to be durable and long-lasting. They will never need to be replaced The product has a limited lifetime warranty
  • The bulb’s aluminum body design helps dissipate heat, which means it is cool to the touch throughout operation
  • It provides up to 300% brighter light than incandescent bulbs with 360° illuminating power

  • The headlight bulb requires constant 12V voltage and should not connected in series with other circuits

3.HIKARI 2021 Acme-X H7 LED Bulbs


HIKARI LED Bulbs come in a variety of different colors to match your vehicle and specifications. HIKARI also stocks the latest, cutting edge technology that could potentially save you hundreds on fuel consumption by up to 40%! These versatile bulbs have many so-called “hidden benefits” such as reducing glare for other drivers, making it easier for passing cars and motorcycles to see you coming, using less power than traditional incandescent alternatives while giving off the same light output – it’s an economical decision with no sacrifice in quality.

Although HIKARI uses 100% high quality materials in their products and offers these upgrades at or below cost prices (with possible rebate), they are without question among the best values available anywhere–take a look at the HIKARI LED Headlights , for example, which cost less than $100 and are a high-quality replacement for $300+ options.

pros and cons + The Acme X series comes with an aluminum body that is completely waterproof + It has a sturdy epoxy coated circuit board that helps prevent corrosion + An improved alloy heat regulator provides maximum performance while protecting LEDs from damage when driving in extreme conditions.

  • A natural white 6000k color with a feedback of 6500K +/- 200K will provide clear visibility at night time
  • 30000 hours lifespan will reduce energy consumption by up to 40% compared to traditional halogen bulbs.
  • Color changing LED lights may not be suited for all driving conditions

4.SEALIGHT Scoparc 9005/HB3 LED Bulbs

Let’s face it. Standard headlights barely light up the road ahead of you on a dark night, and as we get older our vision gets worse making matters even worse. Then there is always the fear of getting pulled over because your car looks different than all those “high end” expensive cars around you. With SEALIGHT 9005 LED bulbs for drivers who want to see further and clearer without compromising style – giving them confidence at night driving no matter where they are! The SEALIGHT bulb perfectly fits 99% of vehicles, and even in factory housings with dust cover or limited space front passenger side location. Last but not least, with these surface mounted fixtures that require zero fanfare, there is also no more pesky visits to the mechanic every time you want to change your headlights!pros and cons + Extremely durable with a lifetime warranty (up to 50,000 hours) + A clean & stylish design that is easy to install + These bulbs give off the same brightness as HID and Xenon lights at a fraction of the cost – one bulb will pay for itself in less than two tankfuls of gas when replacing stock halogen bulbs.

The Sealight 9005 LED bulbs do not fully illuminate objects like conventional light sources, but rather they create a powerful and wide beam that reduces glare from other drivers. This makes it safer for oncoming traffic so you won’t blind anyone or cause accidents due to dazzling while driving at night. The surface-mounting feature also helps reduce the number of heat-related issues.

  • These waterproof S4 LED lights produce a brighter and whiter light than the standard halogen bulbs
  • The surface mounted design allows for easy installation with no cutting of wires required. 
  • The color temperature is a bit too high at 5000k, which can be unfavorable on vehicles with yellowish pigments

5.AUXITO 9012/HIR2 LED Light Bulbs Mini Size 80W

AUXITO 9012/HIR2 LED Light Bulbs Mini Size 80W provide a powerful Cree LEDs that are energy efficient. The AUXITO 9012/HIR2 80W can replace your stock one at 40w with 8,000 lumen per bulb! They will help you see the road clearly and safely. If you’re worrying about blinding other drivers to oncoming traffic when braking or slowing down, then these mini sized light bulbs are for you. With 360 degree illumination, they shine wide and far while being nice and not too bright – perfect for passing oncoming vehicles without dazzling them. When it comes time to replace your stock headlights’ burned out bulbs – ditched those 60 watt ones in favor of our 9012 LED bulbs. You’ll see twice the distance than stock halogens and have all around visibility for maximum confidence when driving at night.pros and cons + 2x brighter than conventional halogen bulbs, these LEDs light up the road like daylight – you can literally see further than you ever imagined with this powerful 80w driver side 9012 bulb  – These lights have a lower lumens per wattage compared to other LEDs in the market.

  • The AUXITO 80w 9012/HIR2 LED bulbs comes in Standard
  • Warm and Cool color temperatures
  • These bulb’s made with a heat sink to prevent the hands from getting too hot when replacing them –
  • The lights are not waterproof and do not work while submerged. 

Things to consider before buying LED For Halogen Projectors

Color Temperature

Color temperature measures the coolness (in kelvins ) or warmth of a light source – this is important when using your lights after sunset.  Our eyes work best within an ideal color range of daylight vs tungsten. Lower color temperature tends to mimic daylight and looks “warmer” while higher color temperatures look “cooler”. Most OEM bulbs are around 5000k-5500k but different models have different colors. 8000k lights seem too yellowish on some cars, so experiment with them in store before buying! Don’t forget that most LEDs will keep their actual advertised color temperature for up to 50% of their lifetime.


LED lights are not waterproof! If you have a leak or spill, the electronics inside may rust and become useless. Some manufacturers will use wicking fabric between the housing and circuit board to help prevent water from reaching the LED module but there is no guarantee it won’t get shorted out or overwhelmed with moisture in heavy downpours and flooded roads (for example).  LED bulbs should never be installed when wet – even after they’ve been properly cleaned after being submerged in the ocean.

Resistance to Heat Damage

Because LEDs require so little power, most of them do not have built-in circuitry that regulates heat output like halogen bulbs do. Even though LEDs only operate at around 20% of their max capacity, watch out for heavy heat sinks and fans that draw a lot of power. If the car turns on its AC or gets caught in traffic during hot weather, LEDs tend to get hot quickly and can die much faster than halogen bulbs in extreme temperatures – even if they are rated for higher temperatures.


LEDs offer superior light quality compared to conventional halogen bulbs. Unlike conventional bulbs which use UV-filtered quartz glass to refract a focused beam of light, LED lights scatter light more evenly over a wide area – this results in better peripheral vision but it also means they’re more prone to glare from oncoming headlights. While most LEDs have reflectors built into the housing like halogens, there is no standard for how much the LED reflector should reflect on an average bulb. If that’s important to you, make sure to read reviews first before buying!

Miscellaneous – Lifetime and Warranty

Most bulbs will last 50-100k hours or 12-25 years assuming normal conditions. Some manufacturers offer longer warranties while others have limited lifetime protection against defects but not against burnout/dying like we see with halogen bulbs. 

Make sure to not only check the length of the warranty but also whether there is a chance to get replacement LEDs if your bulb burns out before its warranty expires – most will have no extra cost just like you’d replace any other car part.


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